Askari the lost Lucario

Hi, I'm Askari I use to belong in a copy of Pokemon Black 2 until one day, my player left her DS to recharged and team Plasma grabbed me and threw me out of the game. I was upset about this until I met a lot of nice people in my now new home in Mr.Witlak's Arcade store. My fighting days are over but now, my goal in life is to write a series of books on heroes of the game world. (This is Nookmorrigan's Pokemon/OC RP account)

(Also I sometimes Roleplay as my other characters, mostly Nook Morrigan, a dog rabbit hybrid AKA Dobbit.)

Sorry I don't do NSFW Roleplay.
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Shutter Island’s Ending Credit song. I’m using this as a theme song for my character, Polybius. Later in my story, you’ll see why.

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